24 Hours Ready Projector Rental Speacialist In Jojgakarta - SPMJ

"Ensure Your Ocassion Succeeded with Our Best Projector Units and Outstanding Service"

In SPMJ, We try our best to provide not only projector and screen to rent but also its peripherals in our best We can serve for any kinds of occassion You hold in Jogjakarta and cities nearby such as Bantul, Wonosari, Sleman, Magelang, Klaten, Wates etc. Our service also can provide by request based on concept, size or need of your venue.

Choosing Projector Rental that can serve the best service might be a bit difficult for those who doesn't have enough experience in this field. But everyone desn't have to be an expert in every  field in this life. do they?!. This is one of the reason why We were established, To serve and to help. Let us do the rest. Choose our projector and Screen Package  right down beelow or Give us a call, message ( sms ), or even anykind of chat apps that you feel comfortable with at CS 1: +62 81391052952 (ON) / CS 2: +62 85602029861 (ON) to discuss your needs.

Here are our stocks of projector and screen unit that you can rent.

  • Projector Unit

    • Office Projectors
      • 2500 ansi lumens projector series
      • 3000 ansi lumens projector series
    • Multimedia Projectors
      • 3000 ansi lumens projector series
      • 3500 ansi lumens projector series
    • Large venue Projectors 
      • 5000 ansi lumens projecotr series
      • 5800 ansi lumens projector series
      • 10,000 ansi lumens stacking projector series 
  • Screen Unit

    • Tripod Screens
      • 70 inch Tripod Projector Screen
      • 96 inch Tripod Projector Screen
    •  Built Up Fast Folded Screen
      • 150 inch or 3x2 Meter Wide  Projector Screen
        • Front Projector Surface
        • Rear Projector Surface
      • 200 inch or 3x2 Meter Wide  Projector Screen
        • Front Projector Surface
        • Rear Projector Surface
    • Customed Screen
      • 4x3 M High Quality Manually Customed Fabric
  • Projector Peripheral

    • Pointers
    • VGA Splitters
    • HDMI Splitters
    • Power Cords
    • 20 Meter VGA Cables
    • 20 Meter HDMI Cables
    • VGA Switchs
    • Projector Stands.
  • Service

    • Delivery Service 
    • 24 hours free consultation supports
    • etc
And for the last but certainly not least, please don't hesitate yourself to contact us at CS 1: +62 81391052952 / CS 2: +62 85602029861 .  If you need either our support or our services. We'll be very glad to be your best solutions around.